We provide complete Airfreight Agent Service cargo handling; We send the goods all around the globe. The list of airlines can be found on the following link.

We provide outgoing cargo booking, shipment monitoring in the Air Companies system; furnish the Client with the maximum of cargo information. Besides General Cargo we send all kinds of goods including valuable (with declared and not declared value), live, perishable, dangerous, special (according to dimensions and weight) goods.

Cargo Freight Department qualified and certified personnel provide comprehensive information, support to choose the preferable airfreight (route, Air Company), as well as ensure to organize charter cargo flights upon the request.

Prior to cargo sending, on the basis of Request on Cargo Shipping, the officers of the appropriate service issue the AWB per airfreight. At the same time Client is able to insure the Air cargo through Insurance Program specially tailored to airfreight.

Established timeframe limits for cargo delivery for further sending can be found on the following link