Lasare parking provides a total of up to 200 parking spaces. There is also a space for a station for electric vehicles. The station is equipped with equipment from the international company ABB, which offers the fastest charging service. While visiting the company, you can use the car wash service. The space is equipped with a card payment system, detailed information about rates can be found below.

1. Daily fee - D group persons L, M1, M2 category cars without trailer

  • Parking during first 15 minutes   – free
  • Parking until 3 hours     – 3.00
  • Parking until 12 hours   – 5.00
  • Parking until 24 hours   – 10.00
  • Parking for 24 hours   – 10.00

* Note: Parking above 24 hours, is the cost of every next 24 hours

2. Daily fee - for D group persons M3, N, O category cars

  • parking until 1 hour  – 5.00
  • parking until 12 hour   – 10.00
  • parking until 24:00 hour   – 15.00
  • parking for 24 hour   – 15:00

* Note: Parking above 24 hours, is the cost of every next 24 hours

3. Parking monthly ticket :

– one ticket  –  350

* Note: Can be extended to every subsequent month for all car categories

Lease tariffs for a period of one month according to specific categories:


Additional terms:

  1. Damage to the parking lot as a result of the oil spill will result in a fine of persons of Groups B, G1, D, according to the relevant category of the vehicle:
  • L, M1    –  50.00
  • M2, M3, N, O    –  75.00
  1. In case of loss or damage to the parking card, the persons of groups B, G1 and D will be fined according to the respective category of the vehicle:
  •  L, M1    – 30.00
  • M2, M3, N, O   – 45.00
  1. In addition to the fine stipulated in clauses “a” and “b”, in case of damage to the property, damages will be compensated according to the legislation, with the appropriate calculation in each specific case.
  2. Tariffs are given in Georgian Lari (GEL) including VAT