Terminal sends and receives all kinds of air cargo from every point all over the world, ensures transit air cargo service. Terminal, is located at Customs Zone of Georgia, where are stored standard cargo as well as and cargo that needs special storage conditions. It also includes premises for dangerous, valuable and perishable goods; also temperature regime warehouses ensuring following temperature regime -2 -8; -18 -20; -2 +8; +15 +25. Experienced and certified personnel ensure complete terminal service. We have non-stop (24-hour) working process. We insure complete information service.

Prior to cargo sending, on the basis of Request on Cargo Shipping, the officers of the appropriate service issue the AWB per airfreight. Outgoing export cargo has the full advanced preparation process necessary for cargo airfreight. The whole cargo is checked by Air Security Service. At the same time Client is able to insure the cargo through Insurance Program specially tailored to air cargo.

Established timeframe limits for cargo delivery for further sending can be found on the following link.