Our Vision
We thrive to attract and retain the most talented employees by creating a culture that encourages collaboration, professionalism, multilateral communication, abundant growth of opportunities, effective recognition and to ultimately become the employer of choice.

The largest Cargo Handling Terminal in Georgia has been certified by IATA and by Georgian Civil Aviation Agency.
For 30 years, we have passed a long and difficult journey from the post-Soviet Aviation Cargo Terminal to modern and the largest cargo and logistics center of international standards at Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia. Prestigious accreditations and compliances with EU Regulations in the field of Security and Safety, demonstrates Lasare’s capabilities to move and handle all types of cargo under the strictest standards.
Nowadays Lasare LTD offers services to 37 airlines operating to Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport.
The trust of our partners helped us grow to become the biggest aviation Cargo Handling Agent as well as Cargo Carriage Sales Agent in Georgia. And for this reason, we became one of the leaders of aviation market in Georgia.

Our Services
Warehousing services and equipment supply
Export cargo acceptance and flight build up services
Import cargo flight breakdown and delivery services
Customs control services with document handling and irregularities management
Transfer and transit services
Mail handling services including express options
Live animal handling services
Perishable, dangerous and valuable goods handling services
Cargo Carriage Sales

With IATA Certified Dangerous Goods Handling Staff, we are able to handle dangerous goods according to your specific requirements, with fully well-trained staff permanently on hand to oversee the process and ensure that freight is handled in accordance with regulatory and carrier requirements.

Safety: Promoting a culture
Crucial Goals – Safety, Security and Quality.
We are committed to make every effort to ensure these goals are achieved for the benefit of each contractor and employee.

We support a Safety, Security and high Quality Culture including provision of necessary resources to identify risks to both the operational and workplace before they lead to accidents or incidents. These principles are followed by well experienced and trained personnel.

Aviation Security
Security is an essential part of operations in our Cargo Terminal. Lasare is AVIATION SECURITY VALIDATED REGULATED AGENT – GE/RA3/00001-01. Every year we pass numerous audits and inspections with Leading Airlines and Georgian Civil Aviation Agency. We are proud to comply with International Standards by ICAO and satisfy interest of contracted Airlines.

Our Security Personnel is trained according to Georgian Civil Aviation Security Training Programmes and According to International Requirement

SGHA 2018 Sample


1.1 For a single ground handling consisting of the arrival and the subsequent departure at agreed timings of the same aircraft, the Handling Company shall provide the following services of Annex A:


1.1 Representation
1.1.2 Liaise with local authorities
1.1.3 Indicate that the Handling Company is acting as handling agent for the Carrier

1.2 Administrative Functions
1.2.1 Establish and maintain local procedures
1.2.2 Take action on communications addressed to the Carrier
1.2.3 Prepare, forward, file and retain for a period specified in the Annex B, messages/reports/statistics/documents and perform other administrative duties in the following areas
    f) Cargo services
    g) Mail services
    h) Support services
    i) Security
1.2.4 Maintain the Carrier’s manuals, circulars, and other operational documents connected with the performance of the services

1.3 Supervision and/or Co-ordination
1.3.3 Ensure that the third party(ies) is(are) informed about operational data and Carrier’s requirements in a timely manner
1.3.4 Liaise with the Carrier’s designated representative
1.3.8 Verify dispatch of operational messages
1.3.9 Note irregularities and inform the Carrier


Loading and Unloading
3.6.5 (a) Provide
         (b) Arrange for
Assembly of and transport of
    (2) general cargo
    (3) Special shipments
    (4) Mail
    (5) Documents
    (6) Company mail
Between agreed points on the airport


4.1 Load Control

4.2 Communications
4.2.2 Compile, receive, process and send all messages in connection with the services
performed by the Handling Company. The Handling Company is authorized to use Carrier’s originator code or double signature procedure
Inform the Carrier’s representative of the contents of such messages.


5.1 Cargo and Mail Handling—General
5.1.1 (a) Provide
1. Warehouse and storage facility (ies)
2. Warehouse handling equipment

3. Warehouse handling services For:
General cargo
Special shipments
Specialized cargo products
Post Office mail
Diplomatic mail
Diplomatic cargo
Company cargo/material
5.1.2 (a) Issue
(b) Obtain
(c) Make available to Carrier Receipt upon delivery of cargo
5.1.3 Take action to
(a) prevent theft or damage to the Carrier’s cargo and mail in custody of the Handling Company
(b) Prevent theft or unauthorized use of, or damage to the Carrier’s pallets, containers, nets, straps, tie-down rings and other material in the custody of the Handling Company. Notify the Carrier immediately of any damage to or loss of such items

5.2 Customs Control
5.2.1 (c) place cargo under Customs control
(d) present to Customs cargo for physical examination for
1. Inbound cargo
2. Outbound cargo
3. Transfer cargo

5.3 Documentation and Information Handling
5.3.1 (b) Check all documents to ensure shipment may be carried. The check shall not include the rates charged.
(c) Check security status for the shipment(s) concerned and take action as per Carrier’s instructions
(d) Obtain capacity/booking information for the Carrier’s flights.
(e) Split air waybill. Forward applicable copies of manifests and airway bills to the Carrier.
(f) Prepare cargo manifest(s)
(g) Provide the load control unit with Special Load Notification.
(h) Return copy of air waybill to shipper, endorsed with flight details.

(i) Check and/or enter data into Carrier’s and/or government/customs system, as specified in Annex B
(j) Receive and process EDI messages (FWB/FHL and e-CSD) received from Carrier or other parties.
(l) Provide and transmit EDI messages in accordance with the standards of the Master Operating Plan
(m) Inform airline or shipper about shipment status via FSU message in accordance of with the Master Operating Plan.
5.3.2 (a) Notify consignee or agent of arrival of shipments
(b) Make available cargo documents to consignee or agent
5.3.3 (a) Provide
1.Collection of “Charges Collect” as shown on the air waybill
2.Collection of other charges and fees as shown on the air waybill
3.Credit to consignees or agents
5.3.4 (a) Provide
Delivery of Cargo/Mail related documentation from/to agreed points and the aircraft,

5.4 Physical Handling Outbound/Inbound
5.4.1 Accept cargo, ensuring that
machine-readable cargo labels are affixed and processed
manual labels are affixed and processed
shipments are “ready for carriage”
the weight and volume and number of pieces of the shipments are checked
the regulations for the carriage of special cargo, particularly the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR), and others have been complied with
5.4.2 Tally and assemble cargo for dispatch
5.4.3 Prepare
Bulk Cargo
ULDs using
(2) build up materials provided by and establish
1. gross weight
3. ULD contour
and provide the load control unit with the information
5.4.5 (a) Load outbound cargo on vehicles
(b) Assemble cargo for delivery to the aircraft

5.4.6 (a) Offload bulk cargo from vehicles
(b) Break down ULDs
(c ) Check incoming cargo against air waybills and manifests
(d) Release cargo to the consignee or agent
5.4.7 Truck service loading/off-loading
Check seals are intact on inbound trucks
Offload truck prior to acceptance into warehouse
(c) Load truck after formal release from warehouse
Place seals
Truck operated by/or on behalf of the Carrier

5.5 Transfer/Transit Cargo
5.5.1 Identify transfer/transit cargo
5.5.2 Prepare transfer manifests for cargo to be transported by another carrier
5.5.3 (a) Provide
Transport to the receiving carrier’s warehouse
on airport
5.5.4 Accept/prepare
transfer cargo
transit cargo for onward carriage

5.6 Post Office Mail
5.6.1 Check
mail against Post Office mail documents
5.6.2 In case of missing documentation, issue substitutes
5.6.4 Handle and check transfer mail against accompanying mail documents

5.6.5 Prepare
(a) Bulk mail
and establish
(1) gross weight
(2) volume
and provide the load control unit with the information
5.6.6 Distribute incoming and/or outgoing post office mail documents

5.7 Irregularities
5.7.1 Take immediate action in respect of irregularities, damage or mishandling of dangerous goods and other special shipments
5.7.2 Report to the Carrier any irregularities discovered in
5.7.3 mail
Handle lost, found and damaged
5.7.4 Notify the Carrier of complaints and claims
5.7.5 Take action when consignee refuses acceptance and payment


6.2 Automation / Computer Systems
6.2.1 (a) Provide
(c) Operate
Computer hardware and other equipment (as specified in Annex B) to enable access to
Carrier’s system
Handling Company’s system
6.2.2 Perform the following functions in
(b) Handing Companies system for
Cargo handling
Post office mail handling
9.Cargo EDI messaging (IATAvb cargo-imp or IATA cargo-xml)

6.3 Unit Load Device (ULD) Control
6.3.1 (a) Provide storage space for cargo ULDs
post office mail ULDs
6.3.2 Take action to prevent damage, theft or unauthorized use of the Carrier’s ULDs in the
custody of the Handling Company. Notify the Carrier immediately of any damage or loss
6.3.3 Take physical inventory of ULD stock and maintain records.
Compile and despatch ULD control messages
6.3.4 Prepare ULD exchange control documentation for all transfers of ULDs and obtain
signature(s) of the transferring and receiving carrier(s) or approved third parties and distribute copies
6.3.5 Handle lost, found and damaged ULDs and notify the Carrier of such irregularities

6.6 Surface Transport
6.6.1 (a) Provide for the transport of
Post office mail
empty ULDs
airport and other agreed points
separate terminals at the same airport


7.2 Cargo and Post Office Mail
7.2.1 (a) Provide for
1. control of access to the cargo facilities
2. screening of cargo and/or mail
3. physical examination of cargo
4. holding of cargo and/or mail for variable periods
5. secure storage of cargo and/or mail
7.4 Aircraft
7.4.3 (a) Provide for security personnel
1. to safeguard all loads during the transport between aircraft and designated locations