We provide complete cargo handling at Tbilisi International Airport; See the list of Air Companies on the following link.

We serve all types of aircrafts including B-747; B-767; B737; B-707; DC-10; A-300; A-310; A-319; A-320; A-321; IL-76; IL-86; IL-96; AN-12; AN-126 etc.; Containers 2АК-1,5; LD-3; LD-7, pallets PA-1,5; PA-3 and 60,4″x125″; 88″x125″; 96″x125.

Besides General Cargo we send all kinds of goods including valuable, live, perishables, dangerous, special (according to dimensions and weight) cargo. For aircraft handling we use our own cargo high-loaders, forklifts and other equipment. Experienced and qualified personnel insure safe, high-level and up-to-date working process.