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Another new airline entered Georgian  air market. From August you will have the possibility to send a shipments from our cargo terminal located at Tbilisi International Airport territory to all destinations where the a/c Gulf Air flies, as well as get the cargo arrived by the same airline.

Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, commenced operations in 1950, becoming one of the first commercial airlines established in the Middle East. Today, Gulf Air is a major international carrier serving 42 cities in 25 countries spanning three continents.The airline operates double daily flights or more to 10 regional cities, in addition to select destinations in the Indian Subcontinent and Europe, from its hub at Bahrain International Airport.A/c Gulf Air performs flights from/to Tbilisi International Airport three times a week using Airbus 320 type modern aircrafts.Gulf Air will connect Georgia with many countries of the world and, therefore, will support the growth of Georgian air and cargo markets.


Another good news, cargo handling agreement was signed with Israel air company EL AL. Starting from June you can collect your cargo arrived by EL AL from our terminal.

EL AL Israel Airlines LTD. trading as EI AI is the flag carrier of Israel. EL AL was established in 1948 as the national airline of Israel and since then has become a prestigious international carrier. Since its establishment as Israel's national airline, EL AL's history has been intertwined with the history of the country, as an inseparable narrative. The airline has grown to serve over 50 destinations, operating scheduled domestic and international services and cargo flights within Israel and to Europe, Middle East, Americas , Africa and the far East. EL AL Cargo leads the way in and transporting freight of all types, maintaining levels of excellence and professionalism, and providing personal attention to all customers. Air company performs flights type Boeing 737 from Tbilisi International Airport four times a week. EL AL Cargo offers its customers creative and effective solutions, with an emphasis on safety, reliability and forethought.


lasare LTD - Best Agent of 2016

Sales Manager - Sophie Berdzenishvili
Chief of Cargo Operations Control - Khatuna Arabuli


The best employees of 2016!


On 3-7 May of current year, our employees passed the training ''rules of means of packing and handling complete at air cargo terminal'' according to IATA International standards.

The purpose of training is to improve the existing competencies required for professional reliability of specialists involved in the process of cargo handling at air cargo terminal and persons responsible for the complete of items that will later be loaded onto the aircraft in the framework of existing qualifications.


One more innovation,  our company has signed an agreement on cargo handling with Greek air company “Ellinair” and from May of the current year, the cargoes arrived by flights of a/c “Ellinair” are available at our terminal.


From January 2016 LASARE started cargo handling of air company YANAIR’S flights at Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International airport.


We are glad to inform you that starting from 2016 Lasare Ltd. officially earned RA3 status in the Third World countries.

This will favour the additional flights of several air companies to/from European countries as well as the development of entrepreneurs taking part in air handling business.

The term Regulated Agent of The Third World countries, became actual after October 2010, when in airports of Middle East and Europe handmade explosive devices were found by the air security staff and neutralized before explosion. Due to the above-mentioned fact European Civil Aviation Agency representatives decided to tighten up security measures to ensure flight security to/from Europe.

2010 incident led to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) new standards and regulations concerning security measures improvement and toughen up.

For more information please go to : http://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/security/cargo-mail/entities_en.htm


The best employees of 2015! Congratulations!!!

  • Arushan Gevorqiani
  • Tatiana Bagdasariani
  • Aleqsandre Qoridze
  • Donara Buloiani
  • Giorgi Arutinovi
  • Giorgi Gvirjishvili
  • Salome Eqizashvili
  • Sergo Martirosiani




Lufthansa Cargo moved to a new iCAP system and also began to operate this system successfully. iCAP is online now in Tbilisi!

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    Another new airline entered Georgian  air market. ...

    Another good news, cargo handling agreement was signed with ...

    lasare LTD - Best Agent of 2016 ...

    The best employees of 2016!

    On 3-7 May of current year, our employees passed the traini ...

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