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Terminal Service

Terminal sends and receives cargo from all points all over the world, ensures transit cargo service. Terminal, is located at Customs Zone of Georgia, were are stored standard cargoes, It also consists of temporary storage and customs warehouses, special premises for dangerous,  valuable and perishable goods; fridge rooms ensure proper temperature regime from -8 up to +8 C0. We handle and store specific cargo (according to dimensions and weight). Experienced and certified personnel ensures export/import/transit cargo perfect terminal service, furnish the clients with the complete information regarding the warehoused goods during 24-hours. We have non-stop working process, direct communication with airport Services. We insure complete information service.
Prior to cargo sending, on the basis of Request on Cargo Shipping, the officers of the appropriate service issue the AWB per airfreight. Outgoing export cargo has the full advanced process necessary for airfreight that if necessary includes cargo integration, packing in carton or wooden boxes, wrapping with plastic, preparing of euro-pallet, marking, etc. All the incoming cargo is checked by Air Security Service. At the same time Client is able to insure the cargo through special Insurance Program.
Basic Requirements on Cargo Shipping:
Cargo clearance 24-hours prior to the flight; shipment registration at the terminal “Ready for Shipping”; comprehensive declaration of the Standard Shipment and Dangerous Cargo; at the terminal shipper shall complete a special form - “Request on Cargo Sipping” with mandatory notice on the shipment status - whether the cargo belongs to the category of “Dangerous”. In case of the dangerous goods the shipper shall provide the terminal personnel with the declaration and code; shipper shall take responsibility for the problems caused by inaccurate information; for valuable, live, perishable, dangerous, specific (according to dimensions and weight; one piece – above +150kg.) goods the Shipper gets into touch with cargo transportation department to co-ordinate transportation terms and conditions.
Complete information regarding export/import/transit cargoes at the terminal is available on: 
                                                                                                         Tel.: (+99532) 245 03 30             
                                                                                                                 (+99532) 245 08 80
                                                                                                                 (+99532) 294 82 28
                                                                                                         Fax.  (+99532) 294 83 94
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