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Logistics service

We can offer Door-to-Door Service for export, import and transit cargoes, ensuring cargo delivery from the shipper’s exact location to the point of destination. Our experienced and qualified experts will assist to choose a desirable airline and route. Our main partner in case of door-to-door delivery is ILG International Logistic Gateway with its offices in 4 countries in Europe, and daughter-companies and partners in all around the world. Hence we are able to offer logistic cargo service from any point around the world to Tbilisi, Georgia, Caucasus region and vice versa. We ensure complete service that includes cargo delivery and cargo sending in case of:
- Door-to-door
- Airport-to-door
- Door-to-airport
- Airport-to-airport
We ensure the fastest delivery of air cargo by track from different destinations around the world to nearest airports, qualified packing, marking, preparing for sending and customs procedures; at the same time we offer ensuring transit cargo delivery by air or track within Caucasus by means of our terminal, according to cargo size/weight and transit time.
We are able to offer the client cargo insurance for any kind of cargo and all the services using the special suitable program.
You can get information and calculations filling online form of “Pre-order” or contact us on the following addresses:  
Tel.:  (+995 32) 294 81 26
         (+995 577) 71 41 08
Fax:  (+995 32) 294 83 94
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Our reliable and high-quality service saves your time and money.